My Artwork – 1

I believe everyone has at least one talent – something they are REALLY good at. There are some of my sketches I really like…

antLife depends on the little things we take for granted.
(Aug 2017)

teamatesTeammates have your back. So if you fall you’ll always have people to help you back onto your feet. Thanks to all my true friends who love and support me…..
(Jul 2016)

Delete_MemoriesI need to ‘delete’ some unwanted memories and people…..
(Mar 2017)

move_onSometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they use to be.
(Apr 2016)

FearDon’t let your fear of what could happen make noting happen.
心中的魔鬼告訴我,你不可能成功,但真的有魔鬼嗎? 如果心中的魔鬼想打倒我,我真的可以反擊它嗎?此刻的我真的充滿疑慮……
(Oct 2016)

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