UV Editor – Maya


The UV Editor lets you view and interactively edit the UV texture coordinates for polygon, NURBS, and subdivision surfaces within a 2D view. You can access it from either Windows > UV Editor or the UV > UV Editor menu in the Modeling menu set.

You can select, move, scale, and generally modify the UV topology for a surface very much like you work with other modeling tools within Maya. You can also view the image associated with the assigned texture map as a backdrop within the UV Editor and modify the UV layout to match as required.


All major UV tasks are accessible either via the UV Editor‘s toolbar and menus, or from the Modeling menu set’s UV menu.


The above image is the UV Editor View of Mr. Absent Minded’s coffee cup.


UV texture coordinates for the Lemon in the UV Editor’s 2D view.


Mr. Absent Minded coffee cup rendered by Mental Ray for Maya 2016.


Messy Messi lemon tea cup rendered by Mental Ray for Maya 2016.

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