Mr Absent Minded WhatsApp Sticker

Whatsapp sticker pack for Mr Absent Minded is released for free download now.

People might often think pigs are stupid but they are actually pretty smart. Please download the WhatsApp stickers of Mr. Absent Minded and go have fun with him.




Special thanks to my best friend Andrew Hazelden who help me to make and release this sticker app. I don’t think I would have done this without your support and guidance.

HKScM WhatsApp Stickers

The Hong Kong Science Museum launches WhatsApp Stickers. The first batch of 30 stickers has the theme of “The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Treasures of Time” exhibition. The cute figures such as little emperors, little princesses, western clockmakers and cats in the palace allow you to express your feelings at any time.

香港科學館 推出WhatsApp Stickers,首批30stickers「香港賽馬會呈獻系列:匠心獨運 — 鐘錶珍寶展」為主題,有小皇帝、小格格、西洋鐘錶匠、故宮貓等可愛造型,一定有一款合你心意。



WhatsApp launched the new Stickers feature globally and now, users across Android and iOS will be able to send these WhatsApp stickers to their contacts.

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